YORKSHIRE COAST ENTERTAINMENT are able to provide security personnel for both your venue or event.


It’s extremely important for businesses to make sure their customers are safe and secure when they’re at a venue, and todays consumers expect a lot more from their experience in pubs, bars and entertainment venues.

Yorkshire Coast Entertainment security officers have the integrity needed to deal with problems quickly, but the main objectives for our officers are as follows:

  • Protection of life (customers and workers)

  • Protection of property and premises

  • Prevention of loss and waste

  • Prevention of violence and crime

  • Meet and Greet customers

Yorkshire Coast Entertainment security officers are much more than a visual deterrent; they’re trained to be responsive as well as to be polite and welcoming to potential customers. They realise that often, the security personnel are the first interaction that a customer will have with your venue.



Yorkshire Coast Entertainment security officers are trained to the highest standards, and their security personnel have played a critical role in many events in and around the Yorkshire coast. They not only work to guarantee the smooth running of an events security needs, they are also experienced with all aspects of security and can work with clients to evaluate their needs and concerns, producing a clear operational plan. Yorkshire Coast Entertainments experienced security guards deal with any issues quickly to minimise disruptions to your event, whilst plans can include a single guard, full crowd control, a mobile unit or a small team of guards.

Whether your event is focused on music, sport, exhibitions or community festivals, Yorkshire Coast Entertainment can give you, your workers and the general public the highest level of protection, and their services are extremely cost-effective. They develop security plans by preparing a brief that includes everything from contingency plans to emergency measures, venue liaison, entrance and evacuation procedures and risk assessments.

Their stewards are often the first point of contact in the event of an emergency, and they pride themselves on being friendly, approachable and honest.



Yorkshire Coast Entertainment security adheres to industry standards and health and safety guidelines, so if you’re interested in learning more about Yorkshire Coast Entertainment and what they can offer you, get in touch with Yorkshire Coast Entertainment today.

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