A large proportion of Yorkshire Coast Entertainments work is with in installation. The comfort of your customers is a huge part of the success of your business and does also include the level and and ambience of the sound around them. Yorkshire Coast Entertainment only believe in using quality equipment and installing anything less is not an option. Many companies will try and cut corners and use local electronics dealerships which retail in equipment that is purely designed for home use and not commercial. Many of these sound systems have been designed for smaller rooms where sound is concentrated on a close area. By using such systems in your venue will create an overpowering of sound close by while creating a loss of sound where it may be required. There is also a complete difference in brand quality between commercial and domestic. What may be a brand leader in the domestic market may be poor in the commercial market. Many commercial leading brands do not even produce equipment for the domestic market.

Yorkshire Coast Entertainment are also able to offer an alternative in ambience lighting. By using colour changing fixtures together with sophisticated computer software, they are able to create ambient lighting that can change both colour and brightness either via a mobile app or by pre programmed timer. The technology that was initially designed for nightclubs and theatres is now workable in a variety of alternate industries and even with in the domestic market.

Below are some of the venues that we have recently worked with, if you would like to discuss an installation project of your own, then please feel free to contact Jamie on 07749 156732 or via the contact form at the bottom of the page.



Over the past couple of years, Yorkshire Coast Entertainment has been working closely with Gravity Fitness Ltd. A fast expanding forward thinking leisure company that has lead the way in the UK trampoline park market. Yorkshire Coast Entertainment has advised, designed and installed a sound and lighting system in each of it's parks across the UK that other companies have attempted to copy, but none as of yet with success. The system installed is completely automated to the customers wristband colour, informing them when to enter and leave the trampoline area while triggering a coloured lighting pulsation. Once every hour the excitement of the park excels when the system automatically turns off the house lighting and breaks out into a 'Party Time' sequence. A programmed lighting show of moving lights and smoke all in time with the music.



















An indoor man made cave with water fountains, Volcano, Forest and lifesize bow of a ship complete with cannons required some magical special FX and ambient sound to bring it to life. Yorkshire Coast Entertainment was approached to help design and install some finishing touches to this amazing conversion of an old nightclub. The venue required some ambient noises typical of a carribean island all in zoned areas, a volcano that simulated smoke when a ball was potted and a ship bow outside that needed a loud cannon shot sound with a smoke effect to visualise the shooting of a cannon ball.













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